Let us be your solution
We offer:
• FREE SIGNS (custom made if you need it)
• Free, fast removal of junk cars
• Fast response time
• Free parking permits (custom made if you need it)
• Free flyers with parking rules & regulations listed

  • Vehicles are released with a 1 hour advance notice phone call, 24 Hours a day, EVEN Holidays!
  • The prices posted are subject to change as the state of Ohio sees fit Mx Towing & Recovery does not have control over those fees. 
  • Cars left in our impund will be sold after (30) Thirty days of being impounded, no exceptions !
  • Our storage lot is a remote location not avertised to the public we have state of the art CCTV and motion sensors with a on duty guard 24 hours a day ! 
  • You must have proof of ownership, valid ID, and proof of insurance or you vehicle can and will not be released ​

Car Impounded ?

If you do not plan on getting your vehicle back there is a $50.00 fee for personal property storagel !

Property Owners

Do You Have These Issues on Your Property
• Trespassers
• Abandoned vehicles
• Vehicles with no tags
• Vehicles with expired tags
• Vehicles parked in your space
• Vehicles blocking the dumpsters
• Unauthorized handicapped parking
• Vehicles parked in the yellow curb or fire-lanes

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