• Cars
  • High-end sports cars
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Vans
  • Boats (in or out of water)
  • Personal Water Craft (Jet Skis)
  • Motorcycles

We handle recovery of:

The agents of MX Towing & Recovery LLC have many years of experience in the recovery and collections fields, and are committed to provide the best professional service possible to you and your customers.

We work with a very agressive and successful re-marketing organization called OPENLANE, to provide you with easy, one-stop, full service for all of your collateral recovery and liquidation needs.

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  • Initiate assignments online through your account.
  • Near real-time tracking. Constant updates to your assignment status.
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  • Control: manage your account and assignments online.
  • Custom reports: view assignment lists, activity, and status updates.
  • Experience our enhanced customer service.
  • ATVs of all kinds (Quads, sport vehicles, etc.)
  • Motor Homes
  • Travel Trailers and 5th wheels
  • RVs
  • Heavy equipment
  • Semi-trucks
  • Long-haul trailers
  • High-end furniture and electronics (home or office)
  • And just about anything else that can be driven or hauled.